Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan and new diamond imaging tech

Israeli diamond exchange in Ramat Gan
Israeli diamond exchange in Ramat Gan

I have spent the last week in Israel, the majority of time at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan in Tel Aviv. There were numerous conversations with the president Yair Sahar and members of the diamond exchange who wanted to understand more about the World Diamond Mark and its execution.

In addition I had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of James Allen and meeting the CEO, I was blown away with the technology that they’re about to bring to the market a new website which they should be launching in early December. It is my personal opinion James Allen will be the number one engagement ring website in the world within the next 24 months. They are coming to the market with the most sophisticated imaging technology which will allow the consumer to see a diamond in its true colour… That’s right, true colour, and spin it around from every angle, and at a magnification which allows the consumer to truly see any inclusions in the stone… I can tell you how amazing this was to see.


  1. The setup James Allen uses is from Ortery (www.ortery.com), and it’s called the 3D Photobench 60. We’ve just received this unit today and my early impressions are that it is fantastic – crystal clear 360 degree images and very easy to use. Not a cheap unit (we bought a demonstration model for just under $8000), but really shows both diamonds and jewellery off in the best possible way online.

  2. Hi Nikhil,
    Thanks for the response, unfortunately this product is not the setup that James Allen uses. The product which James Allen uses and in fact they have a equity share in the business itself is Segoma http://segoma.com/ which is one of the world leaders. There is a technology which I was exposed to when I was in Israel this week which is even superior to this which is owned by Sarin who purchased the Patents from Schnitzer last year. I am sure the product you have acquired will enable you to create another tremendous tool in enabling customers to view diamonds good luck.

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