IDMA President Endorses World Diamond Mark


Maxim Shkadov, IDMA President

In a recent published message by Maxim Shkadov the new President of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association IDMA, he expressed very strong sentiments about the problems faced in their sector.

The one positive comment and shining star which he did see and hoped would succeed was the initiative by the WFDB, with the launch of the World Diamond Mark. You can all rest assured that our team is working diligently to bring this to the market ASAP.

Read his comment below:

In past October, at the 35th World Diamond Congress, discussions on rough supply were largely skirted at the joint meetings. The only time it was discussed, albeit indirectly, was during the presentation of the World Diamond Mark programme, which I hope will be successful, for the sake and benefit of the entire diamond supply pipeline.

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